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Kai McMillan, Executive Marketing Director

Meet Kai McMillan, an accomplished Executive Marketing Director with a unique story. She’s passionate about connecting with people, engaging in community outreach, and helping bridge the gap toward mental and holistic wellness. Kai’s journey includes overcoming severe postpartum depression while raising her child as a single mother. She intimately understands the pain of an imbalanced life and has discovered a holistic approach that has transformed her. Now, she’s eager to share her invaluable insights and experiences with everyone.

In her personal time, Kai cherishes moments with her family and finds solace in outdoor activities like snowboarding, water skiing, and spearfishing – embracing the beauty of life alongside her wonderful son, Halaiano.

"I chose Guiding With Care because of their exceptional expertise in the health industry and the nurturing working environment where every individual's voice is valued. It's a refreshing and empowering experience on my career path."

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